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Re: 4 hours a night sleep

The Irish oatmeal is different (and probably more expensive) than regular Quaker. Off hand I can't remember what it has in it, tryptophan maybe?

Protein in the form of a slice of turkey, cheese or yogurt. I think a protein bar may have too much sugar in it. And too much sugar before bed can mess with your blood sugar levels.

Middle of the night waking and insomnia are almost always physiological. Sleep onset insomnia is often times related to anxiety, whether it be about something bothering the person or anxiety about not being able to sleep. But if you fall asleep ok but wake and can't fall back to sleep or it takes an hour or longer to fall back to sleep, that is usually something physical. I have a friend (male) who fell asleep fine but continually woke up around 3 or 4 am and couldn't fall back to sleep. He finally went to see a naturopath and it's his digestion. He ate dinner around 8pm he often times had heart burn so took Prilosec or something like that. Even though those drugs are helpful, they weren't for him. It was actually disrupting proper digestion (and the liver is a real bugger in the middle of the night with insomnia) The Chinese call it angry liver (acupuncturists will actually insert needles to make your liver not angry that it won't wake you during the night). Which sounds funny, but even thousands of years ago, they were onto something. Digestion, blood sugar, glucose - if they fluctuate while you are sleeping, they can for some, cause you to wake and not fall back to sleep. Anyway with a few changes and some natural supplements, my friend's night wakings have been decreasing and his sleep is improving. The only reason I suggested the protein snack is if when you drank you drank in the evening. If so, maybe your body got used to the amount of sugar from the alcohol and when you quit, it kind of threw your whole system off - it was used to this amount of sugar, now it wasn't getting it so your liver had to make up the difference during the night as you sleep. And as I said before, that function requires cortisol.

Cherry extract is good because it contains melatonin, just like tart cherries. So if you're melatonin supplements work, I'd just stick with those for awhile. Pumpkin seed powder has high levels of tryptophan.

I think since the melatonin worked so well, any of the natural routes you try will most likely resolve this for you!

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