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Just had core biopsy of supraclavicular node

Hi Everyone,

My name is Lisa and I just had a core needle biopsy of my left supraclavicular node. I am in waiting mode. It started in April with a big swelling in my left cervical nodes and I thought it was dental issues. So, finally had root canals done in June. Dentist thought it was dental, but endodontist did not and referred me to my oncologist (I have history of DCIS left breast/Radiation in 2000). Went to a new oncologist I see where I moved to and she didn't think it was anything. Said it felt like muscular. So, did CT scan and some lymph nodes were enlarged and mildly enlarged. The radiologist suggested a pet scan, but he thought my DCIS was invasive and it was not. So, oncologist said she thought it was nothing - swelling on left side had gone down although we could still feel hard nodes and would redo CT in a few months. Well, since I used to go to a wonderful Cancer center I felt like I should go back for a 2nd opinion. Went to my old breast oncologist and they checked me from head to toe and said the CT scan was not really impressive and it definitely did not have anything to do with my breast. So, as a just to be safe sent me to Head and Neck oncology and he didn't think it was anything, but, just to be safe did an MRI. Just got the results of that Monday. Impression said: No appreciable change in enlarged and mildely enlarged left cervical level4 and supraclavicular lymph nodes when dating to CT neck of 6/19/12. Etiology of these lymph nodes are uncertain. Differential diagnosis would include reactive versus metastic lymph nodes and/or lymphoma. Largest left supraclavicular node would be amenable to ultrasound guided fine needle aspiration.
In the report it said the margins of the lymph nodes were not well defined. Largest level 4 cervical node i 1.0 X 1.8 cm and largest supraclavicular node is 1.1 X 1.3 cm. I went yesterday for biopsy (I was surprised this has even gone that far as I thought it would be nothing) and at first U/S tech couldn't see anything they were seeing on MRI, but doctor came in and was able to find the supraclavicular node behind clavicle. After discussing what to do with other doctors she came back and they decided to do an core needle biopsy instead of the fine needle biopsy. Which made me feel better as I know they get a better sample. I was having terrible hot flashes for awhile and this constant itching on my hand and last year I had terrible itching on my feet and legs that has now subsided. Hand itching on left side still there. Hot flashes not as bad, but I am also premenopausal and have not had a period since March. I have had tons of stomach issues and am due to go back to my GI doctor for more tests. Also, issues with female stuff and am due for another ultrasound there as well. Just wanted to know if anyone who tested positive had a similar MRI? I am hoping to have results early next week.



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