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Re: Please help!! Husband horribly sick for 3+ months and no diagnoses!!!

Well his pathology report is back!

It took nearly 3 weeks! It was sent to Moffet lab a known cancer specialists/ pathologists. They found it was NOT lymphoma it is Kikuchi- Fujimoto disease and at a glance it looks like lymphoma. Many people are misdiagnosed with lymphoma when in fact it's this. It's rare and it's benign and usually runs its course in 6-7 months. It's main symptom is several swollen lymph nodes that are painful, the rarer symptoms are fever,nausea vomiting which he did have.
Research shows this develops after EVB which he did have.

I thank God, we thank God!! Now he's just rebuilding his immune system.

It's been 4 months , lots of trips to the ER , several hospitalizations. He caught several viruses because his immune system was so weak. Epstein Barr virus, CoxsackieB .
One crazy thing is that he tested positive for Dengue Fever, something that comes from the Caribbean. The infectious disease doctor refused to admit it was even possible to get that in Florida. I t old him the university hospital had a woman diagnosed there plus there have been confirmed cases in key west Florida! He said no no he probably traveled out of us. Lol my husband hasn't left the state in a gazillian years lol. But I didnt argue I just told him to keep this in mind when a patient comes in and is difficult to diagnose with these symptoms.