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Need help w/pinprick sensations pls!!

I've had Type II diabetes for about 7 years now. I assume these pinprick sensations I experience fall under the category of neuropathy. I just can't stand them anymore! I get 'pricked' about every 15-30 seconds, day & night. I get them all over my body. They hurt & itch at the same time, and I have to rub/scratch the area to make it stop. Other times they feel more like sudden bee stings, and I literally jump or jerk the affected limb.

How are people supposed to get to sleep at night when they're getting stuck with pins?? Who can doze off under those circumstances??

I experience other neuropathy symptoms, also, which aren't fun, but at least they don't occur a thousand times a day. If anyone has any suggestions on how to find relief from these pinpricks, I would greatly appreciate it. Please, I can't take it much more!

Donna M.

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