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<Grabbing counterclockwys and doing happy dance!!!>

I am SO HAPPY to hear your news! So very happy for you and your tummy!

You know you are on the right track now. Don't be disappointed if one day your tummy acts up. It's all trial and error now...what works for you, what doesn't. Smaller portions, tummy friendly foods, fiber and immodium is a good foundation.

I was bad earlier this week and ate extremely greasy and spicy take out chinese food and my tummy acted up for about 3 days. Didn't stop me from going out but I watched what I ate and made sure I was close to a toilet.

I hope you see continued improvement CCW (easier to type than counterclockwyse lol). Please keep posting and let me know how you are doing or if want to discuss something.

<grinning from ear to ear over your news!!!>

big hugs,

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