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Re: How fast does a MS attack progress?

Originally Posted by matrix456 View Post
Hi again,
as I have posted before, I have an issue with weakness that started in my left leg. Since I have HA I have been thinking that it was a panic attack, because my leg started to feel weak and it didn't feel as a part of my body. It all happened in a few hours. The weak feeling has been with me since then (about 3 months) although HA meds help to reduce it.

Now I'm thinking that maybe it wasn't a HA attack and it was a MS attack. This is why I'm asking how fast does a MS attack progress. Does it happen in a few hours or does it take a long time?

An MS exacerbation can come on quite suddenly, and last anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks. On occasion, symptoms can last for months. It depends on what type of MS you have and if it is an attack or just left over damage from a new lesion.

Do you have a definite diagnosis of MS?

Either way, long lasting weakness should be reported to your neurologist. They can sort out the cause and if they suspect MS is the culprit, a short dose of IV Solu-Medrol can sometimes shorten the attack.

It is tough to answer the question without more information, but I hope you feel better soon.