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Is this really allergies??

Hello everyone! I'm new here. My question is regarding seasonal allergies. My problems began in April with an ear and throat infection. He gave me a prescription for an antibiotic. (I would like to point out, this was during my annual exam, so I had a complete blood work up done. EVERYTHING was normal with the exception of a slightly elevated white blood count.) But the pressure in my ear never went away. Then I went from having ear pressure to "tightness" in my throat. Not difficult to breathe, but it sort of felt like what I would imagine having a rubber band around my neck would feel like.. just sort of restricted. I went to urgent care. I was informed I had allergies and to take Zyrtec D. While this did decrease the tightness some, it didn't take the extensive swelling down in my throat or get rid of the fluid in my ears. After taking the Zyrtec D for about 10 days, I went to MY doctor. He said I had a severe ear and throat infection. But that he agreed with the first doctor that I do have allergies. He prescribed me a stronger antibiotic and an oral steroid. This definitely helped!! This was back in July. While I do feel A LOT better, I still have inflammation in my throat, nose and ears. Not to the degree that it was. I am still taking the Zyrtec D, twice a day. And this does offer improvement. I've tried not taking it, and it's unmanageable. But, this leaves me confused.. everything I read about allergies talks about sneezing, runny nose, sinus headaches etc... I do NOT have any of those symptoms. I NEVER have! All I have is this inflammation. So, is it the allergy medicine that helps, or the decongestant in it that is masking another problem? If anyone else has this, or knows of someone, or can just offer advice.. please let me know. I feel lost on what to do.. go to an allergist.. an ENT.. I just want to feel normal again!!

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