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Re: MRI Analyses

OK, well that doesn't make sense. Sort of like describing something as "small to yellow". I think I will just assume that the word "severe" was dropped, because that's the ONLY word that could make that sentence make sense.

I'm a little confused by the statement in the first MRI that "there is mild indentation of the cord in the mid cervical spine", because he in no way backs that up when describing the individual levels.

Anyway... to my slightly (self-) educated eye, it certainly seems plausible that you're suffering from radiculopathy at three levels on the right side and one or possibly two on the left. I think I can sympathize with the feeling that your right arm isn't "connected", and my GUESS would be that it has more to do with the cervical spine than with the rotator cuff. As for your right arm being smaller, I have that with my right leg, the result of cord damage many years ago. If the nerve pathways to certain muscle fibers are interrupted, those muscle fibers will atrophy from lack of use.

There are so many things that need to be addressed that I'd have a hard time saying what the best surgery(ies) would be. Hard to even guess what the surgeon will want to do, but I'd bet he'll want to take out the C5-6 disk, at a minimum. Some surgeons would probably want to go C4-C7.

I don't know if removing the disks (ACDF's) would address the bone overgrowths in the facets and the uncovertebral joints, or even if they'd fix the osteophyte complexes. My guesses would be "no" to the facets, "maybe" to the uncovertebrals and "probably" to the osteophyte ridges. The surgeon, of course, will be able to tell you in a second.

I think you need surgery. Maybe even REALLY need surgery. Of course, my opinion counts for almost nothing, but be prepared for the surgeon to tell you something similar.

Let us know what he says, please....

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