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Something that has stole my soul.

Almost exactly 3 months ago i had a sexual intercourse with an escort. I used a condom throughout oral and vaginal sex. The vaginal sex was brief and afterwards I belive I remember her taking the condom off and it was holding the fluids, meaning I had ''protected sex''. 2 weeks later, I had muscle pain for a day or two, aches in my belly (left and right side) and I started to show symptoms of a flu (I took flu pills and it was gone in like 5 hours). Then, afer 1-2 months i noticed a rash in my back (I believe i had this before, or maybe it's due to the heat and I still have this to this day) and after I helped my father with some hard task, my finger skin peeled off for more than a week (due to the nature of the work, I wasn't surprised but it lasted for more than a week).
I know my chances of getting HIV are small but I tried to be pragmatic with the symptoms anf they fit. I am very likely to be infected and I can't get tested anytime soon and basically my soul is gone. I haven't been able to live.
I would appreciate your imput. Thanks for listening in this time of need.

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