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Re: Moved Mom in 2 months ago

You figure out ways around the problems. I rarely depended on Mom or Dad to put the dirty clothes anywhere other than in the closet. I just remembered what they wore and would snitch them back out of the closet, putting them in the laundry myself. I also snitched them out of the bathroom after they changed. As for the bathroom door... if there is a way to prevent her from closing the door it might help. A wedge in the open door hinges might work well. Many times when they try to close a door and it won't close they will just leave it open. I was also ever present when Mom and Dad were attending to their daily routine. Many times I had to help Dad put his razor back together and plug it in but once it was working he could shave. I would remind Mom of her deodorant or make a game of what needed to be done. Yep, I also used the Michum and it's wonderful for lasting a long time

Dad's bath time was always a trick. He would get up in the morning and go to the bathroom. Once he pulled down his short to sit on the toilet I would talk him out of them. Once they were gone the T-shirt was next. Love it when there was a slight stain I could show him. Once undressed the water magically came on. Hummm no clothes, water running, guess he might as well get in the shower It worked every time. If he got up before I got in there and put on the clothes.... no way was a shower going to happen!! You find little ways to make it happen without argument.

I do admire you bringing your Mom into your house to care for her and you are doing good things... Keep going

Love, deb