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Re: Is this really allergies??

I answered you in your other post and it seems you have allergies.I have the samething as you plus muscle tension and post nasal drip( I bet you have a post nasal drip to) hence why you have a sore tight throat from all the mucus that is supposed to come out of nose is dripping on your throat walls. And if allergy meds makes it bareable it sounds like allergy. I've had 7 X-rays, 2 mris , six full blood and urine tests, gastroscopy, EKG all since April and it's come down to this. I went to ENT and even tmj specialist all signs point to swollen sinuses and allergies. Try this , down load a pollen counter app if you have an iPhone and on days when it's worse check the closest city I bet the count is through the roof!! My nex step allergist !