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Re: IBS 20yr Misery

Thank YOU, Thank YOU, Thank YOU SB! You have the gift of encouragement too! But what I just realised overnight was this: the new change in my IBS symtoms is not just is also psychologically liberating! My body will no longer control who I AM.. it no longer defines me because I am now in control.
I feel like a kid with a new toy...only this "new toy" is the rest of my life. For years I suffered these IBS symptoms. Saw an internet add for "healthboards" 4 weeks ago. Looked up irratable bowel symptoms. Found your thread helping someone else: {a} bought Acacia fiber and began
{b} changed to non-trigger IBS diet
{c) added 1 immodium tablet per day
I couldn't believe you actually went out to eat "greasy" chinese food....YOU KNEW WHAT WOULD HAPPEN!! But I get it. You were in control! You knew what would happen, and more importantly, you knew how to fix it and that's what is now so real! Now to continue to experiment, learn, and grow in the new knowledge that I'm in control!!
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