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Red face Re: Moved Mom in 2 months ago

I had to get out of here today. I went to the house that I am in the process of moving Mom out of. When I take her with me, she helps pack but is just putting stuff in boxes and very little of the stuff is going to make it here- I just don't have room. It's all old crap. I get more done when she isn't with me over there. I did put one box together of some of her things and brought. She is in the living room right now looking at her Elvis book

Earlier (7pm) we were watching Animal Planet "Cat From Hell" and all of a sudden she jumps up and was starting to close all the blinds. I have those wide, wooden, white blinds all through the house. I have told her over and over (I know, I'm wasting my time) that when I want the blinds closed, I will do it. I am claustraphobic and don't like feeling closed up especially when it is still sunny outside. I am sorry to say that I yelled at her that I wasn't ready for the blinds to be shut and I would do it! Deb, I know you say this confuses them but she wasn't at all confused. She knew she'd better sit her butt back down and leave the freakin' blinds be! And she tried to play it off saying she was just looking outside but I know better. Does anybody have this problem? To me it's like rolling up the sidewalks at 6pm in a one horse town :\

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