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Hi, in week 4 of suspected labyrinthitis. Seeing ENT September 12. Feeling about 60% "normal" - no recent true vertigo attacks, but still have the tilty feeling, can still not run or go to spin class, have bouncy vision constantly and headache/mild nausea by every afternoon. The fatigue is killing me, though - napping an hour every afternoon, then asleep again by 10 every night.

Here's my question for you fine folks - have been working half days now for two weeks (had to convince my doc of that one, she wanted to wait till I saw ENT) - and am wondering if I should push it and work full days till I see the ENT, or stay at half days till I see her? Part of me thinks I can do it - but I don't want to push too hard...just trying to balance "getting on with it" with some common sense.


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