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Re: Mri analysis

No hunching over.
Holding head up and better posture.

Poor grip LH.

Worse: (Left only)
Lifting up arm out front.
Arm to outside-can lift to about 30degrees. RH to 90.
Difficuilt to do buttons, belts, pull up trou.
Lift arm up to, and hold, steering wheel.
Undo screw tops (but suspect that was beforeso maybe not 100% valid for "Worse")

Physio suspects that the nerve from C1-2 may have been upset during surgery resulting in shoulder problem that is occuring. At least that's what I think she said.

But NO pain still. I am lucky, so far, that my employer still wants me back!!! I did tell him, today,when talking to the Big Cheese that I will understand if he wants me gone but that was not replied to. Got to be a PLUS!!!
Must be a better worker than I thought.