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Re: Concerned about growth of my son

Hi Faree:

I'm no expert, but I've had kids is all. Kids typically go through growth spurts in their lives, then stop growing for awhile. My son was a big baby til he was 4 months old, then he got sick with a bad bacteria. After that, he didn't grow well for a long time. All you can do is keep their immune system strong, keep them away from sick individuals. Feed them healthy, not just fattening foods. There are some good fats, such as in avocados. Beans are a good source of iron. Also sunshine is a good source of Vitamin D. Try not to worry so much about the numbers on the charts and just feed him what is good for him to eat. Also, you can feed him small amounts several times a day, that's better for his digestive system.
Best wishes, K.