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I am now on week 6 coming up with poss Labrythitus and am not at work at all as still unable to walk properly (very odd) and frustrating,I am back to docs on the 3rs Sept and will be asking to be referred to ENT as its just ridiculous as cant even go out on my own,do shopping etc,do anything in fact,attempted to try and eat out last week and that was a disaster as table was too low and cant put my head down so half the food landed on the table or in my lap .please please keep us informed everyone of yr tests and experiences as I find it so helpful and feel less alone,good luck with yr app.
hi again, thanks for the reply. If you can walk without feeling sick or falling, keep walking. I found when I first started walking the dog again my bouncy vision/tilty feeling was horrible (although I could walk in a straight line with a lot of effort)...the more I did it (once or twice a day in short spurts), the easier it got. Now I can walk the dog for 45 minutes without feeling too exhausted. If you read these boards, you see most people are encouraged to be as active as possible to allow their vestibular system/brain to compensate.

I am going to try to work a full day today. We'll see how it goes.

Keep me posted of your progress as well. Best of luck.