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Help please - getting worried about HIV

I'd just like you guys to tell me the chances.

So 5 days ago I had protected sex with a sex worker. When we finished, the condom seemed intact, although I didn't check thouroughly. I left, happy.


2 hours later I felt a strange tingling feeling in my penis. I was convinced I had an STD. The only sympton I had was a sensitive penis, no pain when urinating, or blisters or anything. Now I'm panicking that the condom maybe tore or something.

Yesterday (4 days after the event) I woke up feeling like I was getting ill. The feeling is getting worse today, and Im getting a fever. I'm really worried, can't sleep at all. Now I'm really worried Im getting HiV

Gonna go for an STD test tomorrow, but what do u think about this? is it possible to get an STD 2 hours after intercourse, what could this be? do I have HiV? help please...

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