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I took Biaxin and Ethambutol for 18 mos. several yrs. ago. It got rid of most of the bacteria except the pseudomonas which I still have. Asked lung dr. yesterday if I still have MAC and he said he wasn't sure without growing out some more cultures. Just finished taking this week some Levaquin and prednisone to clear up some of the excess mucous in my lungs. Go back to him in a month to see how my lungs sound. I have bronchiectasis also which complicates things . Trying to figure out now what is getting to the enamel on my teeth. Don't know if it's the mucous coming from my lungs into my mouth at night or silent acid reflux. I have an adjustable bed and try to sleep with my head elevated at night to keep the acid reflux from coming up from my stomach. Will try the gastro dr. who I haven't seen in 2 or 3 years to see what he has to say. Hope you are doing okay.
Took the 24 hour test for silent acid reflux and don't have that. Will ask my lung doctor if the bacteria in the mucous that comes up out of my lungs at night be causing the erosion of my enamel on my teeth. Anyone else with MAC and bronchiectasis have this problem?