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Re: Help please - getting worried about HIV

Originally Posted by Apollo123 View Post
Hi John, well HIV is not a concern here as you used a condom and their is no is's or buts's, you had protected sex, so nothing you have is down to HIV. Its also unlikley to be an std again because you used a condom but syphilis is a very slim possiblity as that is passed on via open sore's but agin unlikley. Other std's like gonorrhea are very unlikley as they are passed on via fluids, so unless you had unprotected oral sex then i cannot see you being at risk.

It quite common for people to be allergic to latex condoms, that could have caused a tingling in your penis.

Hope that helps
Thanks, but I'm here now, 5 days after with a high fever. So worried. I was pretty sure I'd be ok, but after having a sensitive penis(which feels fine now) I'm convinced I got something from her. Is it possible to get STD effects after a few hours.I'm gonna get checked tomorrow...