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Re: Moved Mom in 2 months ago

Deb I am glad I met you. You most definatly can teach me how to deal with this bs.
Although we had a good Sunday evening lastnight with Mom. Took her to get a good bacon cheeseburger at Becks and then stopped and got a quart of Butter Pecan ice cream from Baskin Robbins. SHE DIDN'T BLOW HER NOSE AT THE TABLE!!! She has bad sinus' and is constantly wiping her nose. I give her something for it every morning. I think being away from all the Oak tree's at the other place is helping We live in a fairly new neighborhood and the tree situation consists of 2 small Live Oaks in each yard.

Just replaced Moms glasses recently. They were so scratched up! But I figured out why- she was wiping them with paper towels, her shirt or the shotty kleenex she always has in her hand! Well put all the paper towels/kleenex away and if she wants to blow her nose, she must use toilet paper and I try to get her to throw the piece away once using it. So far, I've not caught her using anything but the special rags for glasses. Her glasses were $600 due to having to be Verilux lens, if you know about them.