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Re: Mri analysis

Thanks Webdozer for your informative reply:
Lifting arm is due to weakness as much as anything. This is one bit that the Physio was concerned about but may stem from not really using arm in other areas as well.
I have built up the bicep slightly since the op and are now about to give it a greater workout on her suggestion.
Finger co-ordination is not great but slowly getting there and your observation is very valid.
I forgot to mention that twisting my hand over is also poor in that palm down is not staying that way as arm is bent back up at elbow. It tries to "unwind"
There is next to no swelling now but I have noticed that the muscles, down left side of neck, are prone to tightening up if certain movements are made. This is a very tempory situation.
As for the surgery, it was quite major and it is possible that something got disturbed that shouldn't have. As for a botch-up, very much doubt that. This guy is good.
I keep going back to that DELTIOD muscle not playing ball.
I called his surgery but have to wait till 20TH Sept to get in so the next few weeks may be frustrating!!!!.
Actually today is a bad one anyway. The left shoulder was quite achy and the elbow very unresponsive. Both hands bad too but it started out cold this morning. Gym visit was a non-event as nothing wanted to work. Now it'swarmer things have improved but shoulder/bicep well below par. This is my first day like this so not doing badly.

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