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(Help) So much diarrhea these past two years

Hello. First off, I'm 14 and I am a male . My situation is a bit complicated.
So I've been getting a lot of diarrhea these past two years that I'm beginning to get hemorrhoids from going to the bathroom so much. In 2010 I would maybe get around one diarrhea every month. 2011, increasing to maybe once every 3 weeks. This year I would get it every week, but I think I know what causes it. I hope you can understand this part. Since I was young, I would get diarrhea often and stomach aches in the morning. I use to love eating things like jello and drinking juice. If I ate jello and drink juice an hour later (milk would be worse, since I drank it all the time), I would get diarrhea, and that happened a lot. Then around 8-10 years old, my mom started buying yogurt and at that time I stopped eating jello because it was fattening. I still drank juice daily because it helps thirst so much better than water. I would come home from school, drink a glass of juice. At that time, I understood that if I ate yogurt an hour after drinking juice, I would get diarrhea, so I ate them after dinner and I still got diarrhea. It got worse when I turned into a teenager. I couldn't even eat or drink those things in the same day. Because of these diarrhea problems, I stopped drinking/eating all of them. Nowadays I would get constipated for no reason after diarrhea and I would eventually get diarrhea again, the problem is so complicated that I don't even get what's happening. I went to the doctor countless times, doing stool tests, blood tests, lactose intolerance test and they all came in as healthy. My story is complicated, but I hope you could give a suggestion to what I should do now.

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