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Re: Moved Mom in 2 months ago


If I've heard it once, I've heard it a million times "pick you battles with your Mom". And such a true statement it is. When I got her over here, I thought I'd let her see how things run over here and that'd be that. Yeah, right. I bite my tongue, look the other way and flat just don't say anything about so much, it is crazy. I am a very blunt person, also a very clean housekeeper. I still haven't been able to keep quiet when I see my Mom standing on the kitchen floor, eating a granola and the crumbs are just bouncing off my newly mopped floor. Some things I am not budging on -plain and simple. I am her only surviving child so there is no one else. I will not put her in a place until it is necessary. I wouldn't want that done to me.
My Mom is in there right now folding clothes....she loves to fold clothes!! YAY
Could I ask you how you put the picture on your profile? Looking around but I don't see how to do it ;0)