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Re: Possible infection advice needed

Originally Posted by Andrew1986 View Post
It might be a bit easier if I give you a brief rundown of what's been happening

About 3 weeks ago I started having this dizzy spells that only lasted a few seconds and then went away (I suffer from sinus trouble and hay fever so put it down to pollen more than anything else

Around 2 weeks ago my left ear started to get a build up of ear wax so I went to my gp he told me the ear was completely blocked and he couldn't even see my ear drum he advised me to use optex ear drops and said the diziness was likely caused by the blocked ear

After a few days of using the drops my hearing returned but I started having hot flushes that would only last for a minute and would then go away I assumed this could also be a result of the hay fever I suffer and took a antihisthimine

Monday 20th
I went to the dental hospital to have 2 upper teeth removed (I was still suffering the occasional bout of diziness and hot flush both before and after the tooth extraction

Wednesday 23rd on the afternoon I began to feel a little unwell and later on that evening I started burning up terrible and looked really flushed I also was very dizzy and felt like I was going to pass out eventually after a few hours I cooled down and the diziness wore off

Thursday morning
I woke up burning up again and felt quite dizzy so I made an emergency appointment with my gp for the same afternoon when I went to see the gp I didn't feel to bad and was no longer burning up but I explained the symptoms I had and informed him that the ear felt unblocked and told him of the tooth extraction earlier in the week

The gp checked my ear and said that it was unblocked but looked darker and dull compared to my other ear (he offered no explanation for this) he said that he believed I was suffering from some sort of Infection but wasn't sure exactly what but it could be related to the tooth extraction or the ear so he prescribed me penicillin vk 250mg 4 times per day

That was Thursday its now Sunday I've taken every dose I was ment to take and I feel. No better at all I burn up and feel dizzy frequently and when I'm not burning up I look a bit pale I also have little to no appetite but have continued to eat some food to not make the situation worse

Just to try and give a bit more detail when the diziness is bad if I lie down on my bed for 20-30mins it seems to calm it right down and it can come on even when Im sitting down not just when I'm moving around when I walk it can sometimes feel ike I'm falling over
Any advice on what I should do or what the cause may be would be greatly appreciated

I could almost have written this post myself! This is exactly the same thing I also experience. Even down to the laying down for a little bit and feeling fine afterwards!

I believe I have either labyrinthitis or another very similar condition called vestibular neuritis, and they both cause these symptoms. Have you had an attack of vertigo (spinning sensation) with nystagmus (eyes jerking/moving around uncontrollably)? I had a pretty big vertigo (the spins) attack in the street about a month and a half back, and it triggered a panic attack. Felt like I was dying of a stroke or having a seizure or something!

Also.. do you notice the feeling gets worse if you move your head in particular ways?