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Re: Girlfriends newborn

Originally Posted by no34evr View Post
not sure about this but shouldn't something be done legally about the biological father to make sure he doesn't change his mind? I mean you don't want him coming back in to the picture. Getting something in writing from him maybe, not sure. cj
see that is what makes it a mess, as the mother has sole custody now, and if the father wanted he could petition for joint custody,visits,weekends,holidays, If it didn't affect the child in school and such, My opinion is that if you really wanted your woman and the child, you should have signed the paternity papers hands down, problem solved of the other guy thing,it can be done after the birth, The other guy cannot sign his parental rights away it just don't happen,The court could deem him unfit for nonpayment of support and take his rights though, I hope you stay with her and the children as the kids need someone Good Luck figuring it out