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Re: (Help) So much diarrhea these past two years

Aww, I really don't want to do those tests again. I mean endoscopy looks scary enough . Anyways, I sometimes do take those pink Calcium/Vitamin tablets. So first, I wake up, usually around 12-1PM, sometimes my parents leave a bowl of something for breakfast, and my sister and I would put it in the microwave to eat. Sometimes I would just wait for my mother to come back to cook us food (she usually comes back at around 1-2). I really don't get hungry until 2-3. I am pretty overweight, the problem is, I eat a lot and really fast too. I sometimes finish dinner in 3 minutes, I'm trying to tone that down. Oh and I'm around 172 pounds and I'm 5'10. Dinner is around 7:10 and I would eat some snacks and stuff between breakfast and dinner. After dinner, my dad would cut us a bowl of fruits everyday for us. At night, I would still eat..