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two lumps in trapezius muscle?

Iíve had these two lumps (one on each shoulder) for a few years now (maybe longer, but that was when I first noticed them). They are deep in the muscle, but when I shrug my shoulders I can feel them perfectly right behind the collar bone in the trapezius muscle. I really donít know what they are, but Iíll tell you about what they feel like. When I apply a lot of pressure on them directly or try to massage theem, they are extremely tender and painful. I can barely apply pressure for more than a few seconds. They are rock hard and immovable(which scares me). Theyíre about the size of a penny and exactly symmetrical on both sides, everything from their location, size, texture is identical to one another. When I donít shrug my shoulders, I can barely feel them, I have to dig really deep.

My history with my back and neck: I had a really bad injury to my back in 6th grade when I went to camp; I ran into to the bathroom to get something and fell straight on my back on the hard concrete. Then, a little less than a year later I got into a car accident. I got X-Rays after the car accident but they said everything was fine and let me go home. In middle school and high school I would carry extremely heavy backpacks and purses (I carried several text books in there, my friends used to joke about it a lot lol). Thatís actually what made me notice it in the first place; I was carrying two textbooks in my purse and felt it hit something that felt like a nerve and went to massage it and as I shrugged my shoulders up I felt the lumps.

Also, for years (iím talking 4 or 5 years) I would spend endless hours on the internet after school and had horrible posture. I actually had a lot of back pain from it, I donít know if that counts for something but I thought Iíd include it.

Iíve tried going to the doctor about it before but he didnít really seem interested and said it was because I lifted my shoulder and that was why (doesnít even make any sense).

If anyone has had these lumps before, or know what they could be please please let me know. Thank you! (and sorry itís so long!)

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