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Re: IBS 20yr Misery

Dear SB! What I'm about to say I would never say to a "normal" person. Its absolutely ridiculous to share except when training a child on the potty. And even if its awkward only another IBS individual would understand. I still stayed inside last week because I didn't know what would happen when my diarrhea had stopped...fearful of what I could not anticipate. But now I know! I had a "normal" stool for the first time in 25yrs. No crazy accident, no anxiety. Just a normal "human" response. And I feel "normal" again. I know its silly, but I wanted to take a picture for proof! No...I didn't do it.
I am deeply thankful for the good fortune of finding Healthboards, seeing your post and following your suggestions and all of the sharing. I've become a new person as a result. You said earlier that I would soon be doing things I haven't done in a long time. Tonight I bought a new pair of walking shoes..very expensive{i'm worth it} and did a 2 mile walk.........with a happy dance in the middle!!! Please keep helping people on these boards. Its about changing lives...and I am One!! The New CCW