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Re: two lumps in trapezius muscle?

Originally Posted by janewhite1 View Post
Sounds like trigger points. They are very common, especially in the upper trapezius. And with your history of neck injuries and back pain, you are particularly likely to get them.

I've had trigger points for a good many years now. I manage them through stretching, weight lifting, gentle massage, heat and ice. They aren't dangerous, but they are associated with painful sore muscles.

Look up trigger points, and let me know if you have more questions.
Thank you for responding.
Wow, I looked it up and I fit a lot of the criteria for these "trigger points"! Very interesting, I've never heard of these before. I especially do get that referred pain in my shoulder/upper arm/and neck area after applying pressure for a long time. And I have experienced these electric shock feelings in my neck that make me jump! (I'm not sure if that could be associated with trigger points but I read 'shocks' on a website so I'm assuming.)
The only thing I'm wondering is, are these trigger points usually hard and set in place of the muscle? And do you have to have fibromyalgia to have these trigger points (I keep reading about fibro).

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