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Re: agorophia, fear of going out

Carlos and mrs snows,
See your doctors and ask for therapy! This is a mental condition that is recognized and covered. If you cannot leave the house then email them or call them and explain the problem. Personally, I've never had Agoraphobia (i've had bad social anxiety) but I know that it's debilitating and the longer you wait, the worse it'll get. You can't let your fear and anxiety rule you like this.

I know it's hard, but the way that anxiety like this is treated is that you are going to have to work with someone and "practice" leaving the house little by little. Each time you do it, you might experience a panic attack, but you'll also eventually realize that there's no reason to be anxious so it'll get easier and easier. It's all about baby steps and you just have to force yourself to get through it. I hope you guys find the help that you need.