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Re: Muscular Pain Questions NEW here

My Muscular Dystrophy is still of unknown etiology, but at one point it was believed I have Limb-Girdle. The current "theory" is that I have a Mitochondrial Myopathy AND Myasthenic Syndrome.

Pain? You bet your sweet life I have it. My pain is mostly in my legs, probably because I was/continue to be somewhat stubborn about moving around when I should rest. I would be in tears at night from the aching in my legs.

I take 400 mg Ibuprofen, 600mg Gabapentin and 100mg Tramadol before bed, with additional Gabapentin during the day. This is EVERY day now, just to keep the leg aching at bay. I have started using my wheelchair full time, only moving around/walking to transfer to the bathroom, shower, get dressed and for things I MUST do (like get my lunch since I'm alone at lunch). If I over do it, I am allowed to take 50-100mg additional Tramadol, but taking that during the day just makes me sleepy, so I try to endure any additional pain rather than take the meds.

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