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My anxiety is completely wrecking my life.

Basically for about a year now ive been living with the hell that is anxiety, by the way the reason that i have decided to post is because i need to find out if the things that happen to me, happen to other people, or am i going insane. i find my anxiety really hard to talk about, because i think don't even understand it myself.
i am on tablets to help me with physical side of anxiety, the sort of symptoms i have had in the past are tings like,-
- constantly been paranoid about my heart and dying
- headaches
- feeling like sometimes im drifting in and out of my own existence
- lump in the throat and heart racing
-pains in my chest
Thing is im not the sort of person to have something like anxiety, i was always a very confident lad, that enjoyed going out with mates and basically just loving life. I dont find it as easy to go out anymore as i always feel paranoid and like something really bad is going to happen. I just dont understand why it happened to me, it even effects my sex life with my girlfriend cause i get so stressed and sometimes panic. any helpful comments to help me understand would be great, thanks very much. Will.

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