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Please help me, ive had enough!

I am a 19 year old girl, i have problems with my vagina that seem to never end firstly i found i had chlymidia and i got anti biotics and it seemed to go away. Then some months later i had discomfort in my right side after sex along with a fishy smell afterwards and no periods (i got numerous pregnancy tests). After going back to the doctors they could not narrow down what is wrong, they gave me mediciation for bacterial vaginosis and i hope i do not have pelvic inflamatory disease.

Earlier i just had sex and i wiped my vagina with some tissue, when i looked at the tissue i saw a small yellow thing, i would not discribe it as discharge, it was more like earwax and there was only a little piece there. I got treated for chlymidia and now i have more problems and these latest thing has me really worried, i am so sick and tired of it all, it really has be down. Does anybody know what this thick yellow thing was? it was a small bit tougher than earwax, was dense yellow in colour and there was only a tiny bit there. Any help would hugly be appreciated

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