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Re: Newly Diagnosis

I think you should reach out for the second opinion asap. Really you can't make a good choice until you know what the experts say. In my case (and I am not an expert) I was referred to an Oncologist who had all my files/reports which were forwarded by the Surgeon. The Oncologist reviewed all the data, he asked me a slew of questions and then he did a physical exam (bp, chest, etc.). He then entered all the data into his computer program and about fifteen minutes later came back into the examining room. He reviewed the findings of my surgeon and the biopsies and strongly suggested that I begin chemo within two weeks.

The report provided graphs which indicated the possible recurrence of cancer with chemo and the possible recurrence of cancer if I did not do chemo. In my case there was not a
big difference. Although I am sure very few people embrace chemo it obviously has saved/extended lives for thousands of people. Due to my personal lifestyle and unusually time consuming obligations to family members with health needs I opted to not do chemo and am hoping that by changing my diet (going organic) and attempting to limit stress I will not have a recurrence. Do not take this as an endorsement. I am in my seventies which is also a big factor.

Gathering the information to your own satisfaction is my suggestion. The decision can not be delayed for an extended period of time but certainly you have time to seek out a second opinion so you will be comfortable with your choice. Hugs.

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