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SOL (no pun intended)

This is my first time posting and I am at my wits end. Today is 3 weeks since I had an abdominal rectopexy, enterocele and rectocele repair, and vaginal sacralcolpexy. It all was due to years and years of constipation and lack of ability to eliminate completely. Prior to surgery I did make a BM with a high fiber diet, lots of water, exercise but it could take hours to completely eliminate. And years of this messed up my physiology so that everythings was prolapsing, etc. My huge problem now is that since the operation I cannot make a BM at all. I mean not at all. I have done metamucil, miralax, enemas, milk of magnesia, ducolax suppositories and nothing. I get the urge, I have horrific stomach cramping, the stool moves into my rectum but it will not pass beyond my anus. The anus seems to seize up and will not relax. I have had to make trips up to my corectol surgeon so he can manually remove the stool. I am now doing it myself. I do not no what to do anymore. I am depressed and ready to give up. I did not even take the pain medication for the incision because I know it can cause constipation and I didn't want anything to interfer with my ability to make a BM. Everything seems to moving through my colon but it will not pass through the anus no matter what I do. Has anyone else experienced this problem and suggestions, Please!

Thank you for listening. Feeling really alone here.

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