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dealing with discharge and itching since Feb2010

Hi Health Boards community,

I am past desperation and am about to give up. It all started when I went on birth control for the first time and became sexually active. There was discharge, and then more discharge, then in and out of multiple doctor's offices. The smell changed when I would take a certain medicine, but it would never ever go away. And it felt like some medicines would make it worse, and added itching to my symptoms

I have tried regular anti-biotics and diflucan multiple times, different doses and it did nothing.
boric acid 600mg capsules, multiple times, I would take the medicine ver a three month period and at the end of it, it helps for like half a day and then we are back to where we started.
I have tried them both together.
tried other compound creams that would burn really bad, and they did nothing. once the medicine stops I am back to the same thing.
And I also tried a yeast free and sugar free diet for a month (was really difficult to maintain) that didn't effect my symptoms.

In the past I think my body has dealt with infections really badly. I had "malta fever" when I was 13 (infection on my spine) which went away once I got the right treatment. doctor's couldn't tell me how or why I got it. I recently had some inflamed tissue in my gums that the doctors did not know how it happened. I had surgery on both toes, twice because of an ingrown toe nail.

the only thing that has stayed the same over the past couple of years is the fact that I have continuously been on birth control. I'm thinking of eliminating that altogether. and see if this goes away.

would love to hear your thoughts...

Thanks for reading.

TL;DR: have had yeast infections and candida back and forth for more than two years, I am about to give up, any suggestions on what to do?

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