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Re: Savella making FM symptoms worse?

Thanks for the welcome, bluelakelady, and thanks, all, for the replies.

I follow up with my doctor in three weeks. Every day on Savella the pain's frequency and intensity decreases a little, so I'm inclined to be stubborn and keep at it awhile longer. I will stick with it until I see my doctor and then re-evaluate. Unless I feel noticeably improved over how I felt pre-Savella, I will tell my doctor no more.

But I really have to say for the record I agree with you, bluelakelady, that the best way to deal with fibromyalgia pain is to just learn to live with it. We're all so used to being infuriated by doctors giving us that advice, but time has taught me its truth. I've had fibromyalgia for at least 9 years now. I've tried so many drugs, and nearly none of them work (including basically all narcotics, at least for me). Even among the few pain drugs (OK, the one) that work(s) for me, the side effects make it a wash. Overall I'm no better with it than without it. But mentally and emotionally, I'm in a better place when I just accept the pain. It can defeat my body but not my spirit. And as long as I have my spirit, the pain stops being a terrorist and instead is just a nuisance.

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