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Re: Newly Diagnosis

It's been about three months since my surgery, etc. My Primary will be monitoring my health with visits about every three months. The dietary changes haven't been all that shocking or radical although some nights I dream of pigging out on prime rib or coconut cream pie, lol.

For me it has been inteesting researching the good, the bad and the ugly of dietary restrictions. I expected that there would be "one" set of rules that were agreed upon by the medical professionals. Evidently, not. For example most everyone on the Boards stress that cancer thrives on sugar so avoid sugar. I don't use much sugar so that was no traumatic thought for me. Subsequently I found that a well known and huge medical center says that is a myth. That blew me away. Later I found a major Ivy league site that debunks alot of other "common" dietary thoughts.

Other than being dx'd the diversity of nutrirional thinking has been my biggest shock. I assume that means that we are all in charge of our own destiny and unfortunately have to make our own decisions. I wish everyone well. Have you made your appt?