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Re: Newly Diagnosis

Going see my oncologist next Friday. Meanwhile trying to arm myself with facts that hopefully he can help me decide if I need chemo or not. Hope oncologist is ready for my questions. I'm not going to decide to do it right away. Really want to make sure this is the right treatment for me. How long can we wait before we should go thru chemo? Found this site and the book and currently reading it.


I really hate the thought of having poison in my body as a cure. When I got the PET scan it was such an awful feeling to have the radioactive sugar going thru my vein. I'm trying to cure my cancer, I feel like we are trying to feed it. I'm one of those people who don't even take any pain killer unless I'm dying. In the hospital I was off the morphine pump by the second day. Have not taken anything for pain since then. Obviously I need to go pray and ask God to help guide me to the right path. Any help out there will truly be appreciated. Thanks Acey for sharing.

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