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Re: Papillary Carcinoma

My FNA kept coming back benign as much as i tried. Then i decided to remove my lymph gland as it was the one with pathological changes with nothing shown much on the thyroid in ultrasound,CT or PET
The lymph gland removal histopathilology report came back as Thyroid Papillary Carcinoma.

Funny thing is... i did a re operative surgery one year and half after my thyroidectomy for treating my thyroid cancer because after my first lymph gland removal surgery there was scar tissue resulted from this surgery and my surgeon could not clear the area safely during the thyroidectomy

During that re operative surgery there were 3 suspicious looking lymph gland that also was TOTALLY BENIGN in FNA. and they did a frozen section on them and they were BENIGN. but then the histopathology showed papillary thyroid cancer in all 3 of them but with micro cancer cells with the largest measuring 1 mm.

But i had another case..While i was investigating that pathological weird looking lymph gland . One FNA said that the look of the liquid that came out from that lymph gland is suggested of something from the breast or ovaries !! and they send me to a whole PET/CT scan and they found this area of intense uptake on one of my ovaries and the doctor told me. I believe you got ovarian cancer that reached to your neck. go treat your self !!!! Then i went to a gynecologist who reviewed the scans ordered more tests and ultrasound. that intense update was just me ovulating in that time of the month .

Yes i have papillary thyroid cancer. but it is something that doesn't threaten my life and i can live with it.

However I truly with all my heart hope yours is not cancer of any type not even the easy papillary cancer.

All the best