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Re: help anybody for continual suspected meniscus


I have had similar pain whilst at boot camp and running training. The pain was spasmodic but when it was there it was really painful. I didn't bother getting it investigated and stupidly of me, didn't reduce my physical activity either. I recently went to my local GP to find out what this pain was all about. The doc sent me off for an anthrogram CT scan (where they inject dye into your knee before carrying out the CT scan) and the scan found that I had a small undersurface partial thickness tear of the edge of the posterior horn of the medial meniscus and moderate, high grade partial thickness chondral fissuring in the medial and lateral patellar articular cartilage and that there was also lateral patellar subluxation and tilt. I have not yet been back to my local GP to have this translated to me (I go on Tuesday) but what I can make of it is that there is a slight tear in the meniscus and that the cartilage under my knee cap is wearing away. The tilt is that the tendon/muscle over my knee cap is too tight and there is fluid present under my knee cap. I don't know if my translation is correct but I can let you know after tuesday. If they cannot find a tear in your MRI's it might just be that your ligaments are being pinched my something. I would take the weights to your doc next time you go and do the exercise that annoys your knee in front of him. I have used hot packs on my knee and anti inflammatory creams but I did not rest my knee which was really dumb of me. I just can't handle the idea of not being able to do my exercises. I have done some research on anthroscopy and it doesn't seem to be that bad in that it doesn't really limit you afterwards. One that has it done just has to take it slowly in getting back into physical activities. I don't know if any of this helps but I hope you find out what is going on. Have you asked your doc if it could be referred pain from a pinched nerve or something?