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Deafness/ Hearing loss when turning head to right?

I have no idea if this is related to my labyrinthitis, but Ive had this hearing problem when turning my head to the right for 3 to 4 years now.. without the labyrinthitis.

So each time I turn my head to the right, I just feel like I have some hearing loss. Ive noticed it also happens when someone puts themselves close to that ear, for example when getting a hug. I dont know what this is, but have a distant memory from a few years back while I was in the supermarket. I just started to see the whole place spin for a few seconds.. not sure if it was due to
looking around quickly, but It scared me! I panicked at the time thinking I was going to either faint or was having a seizure or something like that.. But I now know it was vertigo and a panic attack. It happened maybe 3 times then went away for a year or two. Came back again in a shop while I was stressing. Then went away until it hit me a few months back.

Dont know exactly what this is.. I have started to feel slightly better but still get slightly spinny when looking at text on the computer at times or when looking at a page when scrolling, moving images seem to cause it sometimes.

Anyone relate to this? I dont particularly like to talk about my past as such due to it being pretty awful, but I dont know if its related.. I used to self harm by hitting myself in the head trying to hurt myself to show a physical pain to people because I felt at the time no one understood my pain, but I wonder if I somehow gave myself BPPV by hitting my head?

I dont self harm anymore by the way for anyone out there who reads this. I have sorted my life out since then, and recieve support now.

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