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Re: help anybody for continual suspected meniscus

I had an MRI over a year ago which did not show any tears in the meniscus. But, my knee continued to be very painful and was keeping me from the sports I had enjoyed. In January, I had an arthroscopy to investigate what was going on, as the doctor said there was really no other way to determine what was causing the pain. I had a medial and lateral tear, which he said he cleaned up. I still have not really recovered from it. Knee is stiff, swollen and crackles when I move it. I still have the original pain in the lateral side which I had before. I am so discouraged by the whole thing. The doctor ended up retiring right after doing my surgery. I really feel he messed it up. I am now having another surgery on Wednesday to repair a lateral tear, which this time did show up on an MRI. I just think it was never repaired the first time. I am really hopeful that this doctor may be able to get me back to being able to do the things I have had to give up. If the resulting arthritis doesn't put a lid on that. Hard to know what to do, but I cannot keep living with the pain as it is, so I feel the best course is to try again. Good luck with your meniscus problems.