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Advice on a Cyst

Hi I have a Cyst on the center of my chest, Ive had it for years but few months weeks ago it went a bit bigger and then I popped it and white puss came out.

I used tooth paste to draw out the puss and well it worked, now its smaller but still there but does not look like any fluids or puss is inside the cyst it just looks like some loose red skin on top.

I did go to my GP who advised to continue to pop it, which I mentioned already did she then referred me to another clinic and specialist who can surgically remove it with a knive.

The only issue is its 150 for a 'chat' about it then 780 for the surgery !

I do not fancy spending almost 1000 pounds to remove a harmless spot !

Any other suggestions or advise, other then trying to slice it off myself ?!

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