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Re: Do some feel that they have waited long enough>? When will meet a good one?

Originally Posted by Kszan View Post
You've posted here a lot about this topic and I think I've told you previously that you appear to be a good guy. So I'm not sure why this kind of stuff keeps happening to you. But you did say that you were moving (back to the US I think?) soon so you may want to consider not getting into anything serious until you move. Wouldn't it suck really bad if you met someone awesome only to have to turn around and leave so soon?

I think the place where you live now may not be conducive to finding someone, but if you just hang on a little longer until after you're settled into your new surroundings, I think you will be more successful with a real relationship. No one wants to get really into someone only to find out theyre moving somewhere far away in a few months. So take the time now to prepare for what your plan will be after you move to get to a comfortable situation and then you'll be free to find someone close by whom you can see on a regular basis.

I really think it will happen for you, because you seem like a good guy. You just have to make sure your "house" is in order (meaning just your life in general) before you invite someone in to be a part of it, know what I mean? And don't give up. You have a lot to offer a potential girlfriend so don't sell yourself short!
Well thank you....and I dont knw why but I have litterally always attracted the worst women. From my very first relationship and has been the same girl..cold, distant, ambivalent ..and I always fall for them. The last girl I feel for seemed just a lil bit different..there was a warmth to her that I didnt exp with the other girls. I thought she might be the one. I should wait but am a lil lonley now and still a lil heartbroken from the last girl. I just kind of want to go out and talk to girls when I am sober to get some exp so I can meet girls in differnt venues.

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