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Pregnancy Scare. Need help

My girlfriend and I had sex August 27th. I used a condom with spermicide on it (I know it doesn't really help) and ejaculated into the condom in her.

When I pulled out the condom had space at the tip. Not the reservoir tip, but it was like my penis filled the condom then when I got soft (I stayed in her for a minute) it retracted and the condom had space in it. I guess the best way to describe it would be, it looked like the condom slipped half way off, but didn't. I checked the opening of the condom and it was still on the base of my penis and wasn't leaking. Then I went to clean myself up and check the condom for breaks.

Stupid me didn't do a water test, but i checked the reservoir tip by forcing the semen to it and putting pressure there. No break. I unrolled the condom all the way and ran my fingers down it to see if i felt anything wet and it was completely dry. No rips I could see. So I thought everything was good and threw it away.

She also supposedly wasn't ovulating when we had sex. She used the calendar to check, and I know about the cervical mucus test and I fingered her before we did anything and noticed she was dry until arousal fluids came and it was all clear and a tiny bit stretchy, but not much at all.

My girlfriend said she was due for her period yesterday and she's been having some cramping, she's moody, and has cravings for sweet stuff. The problem is they can also mean she's pregnant.

She's a little bit stressed more then normal (starting school again) and hasn't worried about this at all, but I'm freaking out. Can someone help please?

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