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Re: Can I lose weight with this diet?

Hi Guys, just thought I would give an update, can't believe it's a year on already!

Basically When I wrote this I was at around 138 KG, I am now at 90kg and feel so much better!

Before I wore jeans that were size 42 around the waist, Now my jeans are 32.

Before I wore t-shirts and jumpers from Target from the "big" zone and were around 3XL, Now I wear t-shirts and jumpers from Target from their normal area, size medium

Before I started I could only walk on the treadmill, when I tried jogging I lasted about 25 seconds going at 7kmph and was absolutely gone, now, 7kmph is my warm up speed and I can jog for around 20 minutes at 11kmph.

I pretty much stuck to the diet I listed, I for a while did replace the frozen meals with better quality Lite 'n' Easy meals and also mixed in with cooking my own portion controlled meals like steamed veggies and chicken breast, wholemeal pasta etc etc

In the end with the amount of exercise I was doing I started feeling quite faint when I exercised and I realized it was because I wasn't eating enough so I actually had to up what I ate.

Over the last 3-4 months however i have put a bit of weight back on due to my Costochondritis flaring up and getting sciatica which will just not seem to go away so I have not been able to exercise, it wasn't until I couldn't exercise anymore that I realized just how heavily I depended on it for motivation as much as anything and my eating habits slipped because of it.

Now I've noticed I'm putting a bit back on and although I can't exercise I have kicked myself back into gear and am fully eating right again to try and shed some more kilos and go hopefully beyond what I was when I got injured!

It was a shame too because I was getting myself fit and had joined a soccer team and was going to play for the first time in 8 years, then I got injured, I hope to be right for next season though.

So yes, there is my update, hopefully other people who wanted to lose weight have achieved what they wanted to and are happy!


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