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Re: Stage lV Renal Cell Carcinoma, Interleukin 2 therapy anyone?

Originally Posted by funkymonkey78 View Post
My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer. they removed his left kidney and lymph nodes around it. It has spread to two lymph nodes in his chest. The original plan was to go in and excise those as well then go on medication to reduce the chance of recurrence. Since he is so young (34) they want to try a more aggressive treatment of Interleukin 2 therapy and a facility in Chicago. Does anyone have any experience with this drug? I know the chances are slim but there is a chance of a total cure. I have a lot of faith and I know miracles can happen.
My husband was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma in 1989 at the age of 49. He also had three metastasis in his lung. His right kidney was removed. We lived in the Chicago area and his oncologist had once worked at the National Cancer Institute. He got him an appointment there to see if he would qualify for their experimental treatment. He was accepted and for the next year, he made several trips spending three weeks there at a time. He was treated with Interleukin 2 and alpha interferon and given Lack cells. The treatment was brutal but when they gave him the first two simultaneously, he went into an Alzheimer's-like state. The doctors told me he may not recover but he did. They released him saying there was nothing more they could do.

The treatments did get rid of the three metastasis in his lung. He lived 9 years with five of those years being stable as the doctors said as they would not say he was in remission. We felt that his treatments at NCI did help him.

I am certain that much more is known now about this disease and treatment. Do all the research you can and get the best possible doctors you can find.

Best wishes.