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Feel so ill

I've been posting for a very long time, I don't seem to have got to the bottom of why I feel like I'm slowly dying most of the time.
I'm now wondering if this is the start of the change happening to me.
My periods have always been regular at between 28-29 days. They still are fairly regular now, but the length and blood flow is different. I used to have mild spotting going into a proper bleed, then mild spotting, tapering off to nothing, all over about 5 days.

Now this past few months I have had straight in at day 1 fairly heavy bleeding for about 2 days then almost nothing for about 4
days, just like messy discharge (sorry graphic).

This is hard to explain but I feel I'll most of the month. I wake up every morning with stomach ache and wind/ wind pains. I have increasing heart palls which was treated 2 years ago, got better and is now coming back. I'm always tired, my sleep is erratic and disturbed most night, sometimes by vivid dreams and I wake really hot. I ache all over, I have this constant flu aches through by back and legs.
This month I've had some dull aching in my lower stomach , pelvic area, on right side mainly.

I also get headaches, urine inceptions, and I've had two campylobacter infections too.
I've had various tests. ECG,s, endo, I have a small hiatus hernia. I've had bloods done which were all ok, except my creatinine was raised a bit so doctor said repeat in one year as he wasn't too concerned.

To summarise it I just feel lousy, and Ill every single day. I get no days where I feel well all day. The worst time for me is on waking. I thought we humans were supposed to wake feeling rejuvenated and well. I wake feeling sick every day.

I'm 50 years old and want to feel well again, I'm so down
Does anyone think it's peri, or menopause ? Btw my hormone levels all fell within the normal perameters.

Some knowledge would be appreciated please

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